About Us

D&J Rare Gems was founded by Donna and John Rhoads in 1985 as a source for rare gems for the gemologist and collector. Initially a mail order company for rare gems, D&Rare Gems expanded into fine gems in 1988. Lapidaryservices were added in 1989, providing well cut fine and rare gems to the industry. In 1990 we opened our retail jewelry store in Salida, Colorado offering fine jewelry, wholesale gemstones, and mineral and crystals to the public as well as gemstone cutting and repair.
We moved to 112 F Street in Salida in June of 1992. Full casting capabilities were added in February 1996 making us one of the most complete service jewelry and gem store anywhere.
During July of 1999 the business was split into two parts with John and Donna Rhoads taking over sole control of the newsletter, mail order, internet and show sectors of the business.
During October of 2005, John Rhoads attended the extension courses required for his Graduate Gemologist diploma through the Gemological Institute of America. He is now a G.G. as the result of his success in completing these courses.
If you are planning to come to Salida and would like to purchase gemstones or visit, please, call in advance and make an appointment as we no longer maintain a public showroom. We still would be glad to show you what is new in the gem world and give you a chance to view and purchase gems in a relaxed and uninterupted environment.

Over the years we have offered the following gems:

Achroite, actinolite, afghanite, andesine, adularia, agate, albite, alexandrite, allanite, almandite, amazonite, amber, amblygonite, amethyst, ammolite, analcime, anatase, andalusite, andesiten, andradite, anglesite, anorthite, apache tears, apatite, apophyllite, aquamarine, aragonite, augelite, aventurine, axinite, azurite, barite, benitoite, beryl, beryllonite, bixbite, blende, bloodstone, boleite, boracite, bornite, brazilianite, bronzite, brookite, brucite, bustamite, bytownite, cairngorm, calcite, cassiterite, catapleite, celestite, cerussite, ceylonite, chabazite, chalcedony, charoite, chert, chiastolite, childrenite, chklavite, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, cinnabar, citrine, cleavelandite, clinohumite, clinozoisite, colemanite, copal, coral, cordierite, corundum, covellite, creedite, crocoite, cryolite, cuprite, danburite, datolite, demantoid, diamond, diaspore, dinosaur bone, diopside, dioptase, dolomite, dravite, dumoriterite, ekanite, elbaite, emerald, enstatite, eosphorite, epidote, ettringite, euclase, eudialyte, fayalite, feldspar, fibrolite, fire agate, flint, fluorite, forsterite, friedelite, gahnite, garnet, goshenite, grandidierite, grossular, gypsum, hackmanite, hambergite, hauynite, heliodor, hematite, hemimorphite, herderite, hessonite, hiddenite, hodgkinsonite, hornblende, howlite, huebnerite, hi\umite, hyalite, hydrogrossular, hypersthene, idocrase, indicolite, iolite, jade, jadeite, jasper, jeremejevite, jet, kaliborite, kammererite, kornerupine, kunzite, kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, larimar, lazulite, lazurite, legrandite, lepidolite, leucite, liddicoatite, linarite, londonite, ludlamite, magnesite, malachite, manganotantalite, marble, marcasite, melanite, microcline, microlite, milarite, mimetite, mohawkite, monazite, montebrasite, moonstone, morganite, moss agate, musgravite, natrolite, nephrite, neptunite, obsidian, oligoclase, olivine, onyx, opal, orthoclase, pargasite, parisite, pearl, pectolite, peridot, petalite, petrified wood, pezzottaite, phenacite, phosphophyllite, phosgenite, phosphophyllite, plagioclase, pollucite, powellite, prase, prehnite, prousite, pyrargyrite, pyrite, pyrope, pyroxmangite, quartz, rhodizite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rhodolite, rubellite, ruby, rutile, sanidine, sapphire, sapphirine, sard, scapolite, scheelite, schorl, scolecite, selenite, sellaite, serandite, serpentine, shattuckite, shortite, siderite, sillimanite, simpsonite, sinhalite, smithsonite, soapstone, sodalite, spessartite, sphalerite, sphene, spinel, spodumene, staurolite, stibiotantalite, strontianite, sugilite, sunstone, taafeite, tanzanite, tektite, thaumasite, thomsonite, titanite, topaz, topazolite, tourmaline, trapiche emerald, travertine, tremolite, triphane, triphylite, tsavorite, tugtupite, turquoise, ulexite, unakite, uvarovite, uvite, vanadinite, variscite, vesuvianite, villiaumite, viridine, vivianite, wardite, wavellite, willemite, williamsite, witherite, wulfenite, wurtzite, xenotime, zincite, zircon, and zoisite.