Colorado Springs Gem and Mineral Society Show

We returned to the Colorado Springs Gem and Mineral Show the first weekend of June after an absence of several years. Donna remained in Salida recovering from her second knee replacement surgery while I participated in the show alone. I do want to thank the club members and other dealers who were most helpful during the show when it came time to use the facilities or acquire lunch. We have signed a contract for the 2018 show which we have been told will move to a new location next June.

The show was well attended and it was great to see many old friends and customers who we had not seen in years. Business was slow the first two days but picked up nicely on Sunday. Once again our shift to feature more of the gems that John has cut has proved to be our strong sales area as the bulk of our sales were gems that John cut.

We did take along a little of the extra facet rough gems, mostly for display but found that several of the people who stopped by the booth were interest in acquiring some and we actually sold quite a bit of what we had. Of course selling rough also included giving advice and pointer on cutting which John enjoys emensely!

Donna’s Recovery
Many of you have inquired about Donna’s progress in recovering from having both knees replaced this year. July 4th marked the 14th week since her first knee was replaced and the 6th week since her second one. Recovery from both operations has been excellent although she will not tell you as such. We are on track to take our annual Montana trip which requires some hiking. On July 4th she even got up and danced to the tunes of the Beatles as they were played at the July 4th celebration here in Salida. That in itself says a lot about her recovery.

Montana Digging Still On the Calender for August (See our Index page for details)

We are still planning on our annual trip to Montana in August. Many of you have surprised us over the years by joining us in our trips to Crystal Park and Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine. This year we may once again plan on a trip to Idaho and the star garnet location on Emerald Creek. Let us know if you would like to coordinate your schedule with ours.

We have heard that major changes are occurrinang at the Gem Mountain Gem Mine. If you are planning on a visit we encourage you to check out their website for scheduling and the changes happening there.